Niece’s Big Moment

So, I have been talking about the niece in a few of the blog post about graduating from high school, deciding on what university to attend, and now I am going to boast and bore you with her promo photos.  I have to admit that I may be bias, but I cannot remember when I have seen anyone look so elegant and sophisticated at a prom.  My niece was going for being princess of the ball, and was in fact voted prom princess (although, I still think she have been queen, but she had fun nonetheless).

Her father play the chauffeur for the evening in a silver Cadillac, and her date came from Charlotte, NC (she attended his prom as his date a few weeks ago).  I am not going to write a long post, but will post quite a photos of my niece’s big night.

Putting on a face

A Moment with Auntie

Finished Dress

Back of Dress


The Shoes

Front View


Side View

 The Whole EnsembleDress with Wrap

Face Shot

With DateDad the DriverWith MomOff to the Prom

These are only just some of the photos that I took of my niece before going to the prom.  Yesterday, she sent me a photo of the girl was voted prom queen, and you can make up your mind if she should have won or my niece.  My niece came in second and voted prom princess, but she liked being the princess better.

Prom Queen


4 responses

  1. I am glad that they both donned pretty tasteful, prom-appropriate dresses. I’ve been appalled lately at seeing what some girls have been wearing to prom the past few years!

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