Swiss Chard with Pasta

I was getting hungry, so I looked into the refrig to see what I could make for lunch. I had a package of Light Life Smart “Chorizo Sausage” which is a vegetarian sausage and spaghetti. I decided to make pasta wiith these ingredients. I cook 2 oz of pasta as usual just to the point of al denta because I added the pasta to the pan with rest of dish to finish cooking. I chopped one bunch of swiss chard including the stalks, minced two to three garlic cloves, and cut two links of the veggie chorizo into 1/4 circles. I added a little olive oil into a saute pan and cooked the sausage for a couple of minutes, then added the garlic, and swiss chard along with red pepper flakes. Now you can a little of the pasta water into the pan or chicken or vegetable stock (I had mushroom stock from rehydrating dried mushrooms from another recipe) to add more flavor without using additional fat. I cooked the chard for about 4 to 5 minutes and added the pasta to the dish and cooked for another minute or two. Then you are ready to plate and serve with shredded parmesan cheese.

I plan to use the remaining links for a tofu scramble I’m cooking tomorrow for breakfast. I do eat meat, but it is good idea to have more meatless meals throughout the week. Has anyone watched the new cooking show on Lifetime called “Cook Yourself Thin”?

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