The Weekend & Grocery List

With the long weekend, I decided to hang around the house and work on projects I have in process.  I have boring things to do such as plan meals for the week.  I have ingredients in the house to make oatmeal and banana pancakes and a tofu scramble, so I can add that to my meals to make.  I am also thinking about getting some buffalo ground meat for some burgers to eat during the week.  I want to prepare a couple of asian meals, so I am going to add edamame and buckwheat noodles to the grocery list.

I went by Borders again yesterday to check out some cookbooks.  I love to cook just as much as I love knitting.  You can say that I am foodie.  One cookbook that caught my interest is the book called “The Family Chef” by Jewels and Jill Elimore who are sisters and private-home chefs for such people like Jennifer Aniston (who wrote the forward).  I browsed through the pages and the books have some very nice recipes that are easy for the home cook to prepare.

From time to time, I purchased the Clean Eating Magazine and its website .  There is a great variety of recipes to prepare and healthy to eat.  I think going to try the Couscous with seven vegetables, but think I am going to change up on some other vegetables that are in season, and have the spices to make the ras el hanout for the recipe to give it the flavor of Morocco.

There are few ideas I have for my grocery list and continue the habit of cooking my own meals and bringing to work for lunch.  I am going to sign off and tie up a few ends and off I am for the long weekend.  Enjoy your day.

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