Hump Day

With the pending holiday weekend, I have to work ahead at my job and that means things are little more stressful than usual.  I am combatting that situation with continuing to eat as healthfully as possible and reducing any additional stress.  I have been a little lax with crochet project and have not completed handsewing the leaves to my scarf, but with the long holiday weekend, I think I can find some time to do it.  With my crochet project, I managed to get the second decrease with the first piece.  I have to make crochet four additional pieces and getting excited.  This is my first crochet cardigan and would be nice to have a spring/summer sweater.  I still have to start my niece’s graduation sweater and probably will finish it before starts the fall semester.  She is attending a college in state, so I will still see her.  I wanted to mentioned a website that I used to keep track of things from craft projects to recipes.  It is called Springpad It which I read about in a Real Simple blog entry a few months ago.  I have this knack for writing something down once, and remembering it for that point on and do it with telephone numbers.  I rarely look at a telephone number after the first, particularly if it is a number that I am going to dial frequently.


Before the leaving the house today, I picked up a book that I have not read in a while and thought it was a good time to read it again.  The book is “Wherever You Go, There You Are – Mindfulness Meditation in Everyday Life” by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  I find this reading that goes along with my hobbies of crocheting, knitting and sewing because these activities are about being still and in the moment.  You are paying attention in a world where multi-tasking seems to be an everyday norm.  Mindfulness is not about forgetting, but fully aware of the what is going on around you and there are times when I need to do that.  Sometimes, we can lose sight of everything that goes around us, but there is a time to reconnect and reengage before it passes us by.

On that note, I think it would a good moment to end this blog post for the day.  Enjoy your day and remember wherever you go, there you are.


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