Chocolate Pancakes and Sunday

I am creating the habit of bringing my lunch to work. It is cheaper to BYOB than paying $10.00 five days a week. In addition, I am in contol knowing what is in my food. I made a couple dishes yesterday to freeze in batches. I made pasta sauce with chicken sausage. I added green, red, and yellow pepper to get in veggies. My second dish is lentils and sweet potato stew, and will freeze half of it.

This morning I made chocolate buckwheat pancakes. I used a mixture of buckwheat flour, flaxseed (got to get in that omega-3), cocoa powder as part of pancake mix. I am a big advocate of using buttermilk in a pancake recipe because it makes pancakes tender and buttermilk is low in fat. Pankcakes can be good and healthy. I think the next time I make the pancakes, I will make a peanut sauce to go along with them or a nice berry compose.

Another recipe I like to make is a frittita which is a spanish omelet. I start sauting the vegetables like asparagus, leeks, peppers, onions, etc. Crack six eggs and whisk with 1/4 cup of milk and pour in the skillet with vegetables already in, and make sure the heat is low. Give it a little stir, season with salt and pepper and cook on low heat for a few minutes. Sprinkle cheese on top and finish the frittita by placing into the broiler to finishing cooking and to brown the cheese (that should take a minute or two). It is an easy and cheap dish to make, it feeds four people. You can add meat to the recipe, but I love using veggies.

I still have time to do some of my favorite cardi sweater today and watch the movie Doubt. Before ending this blog entry, I came across a podcast called Cast On ( the other day. Brenda Dayne is the host and I find interesting as she has a theme for each show and it ties into knitting. She had an interview with Susan Crawford, a british knit designer who has a website called She has great vintage knit designs and a book entitled “A Stitch in Time” available in the UK. Well that sums up the weekend for me. Enjoy the day.

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  1. I keep coming by and looking at all of your beautiful projects and to chase the interesting web sites you put up. It is fun just knowing that there is such an interesting creating kind of person like you on the other side of the country and who is willing to share herself out here. Thanks.

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