My Crochet Project

I mentioned on the my blog the other day that I started my favorite cardi sweater crochet project and it is coming along thus far.  I worked on it during my weekly knitting group at work.  I even started the row to decrease and will work another four inches for the next row of decreasing.  I am finding it an easy project so far.  The photo does not look too bad considering I took it with my G1 phone with the exception of the color is much lighter than the actual color of the yarn, but we cannot have everything.



I am realizing that my crocheting is little tighter than my knitting.  I suppose the reason for that with crocheting, I am using my dominate hand with is my left.  However, I think I am a better crocheter than knitter or perhaps I have been crocheting longer than knitting.  I began crocheting when I was a kid.  I am sometimes envious how some people mentioned that their mother or grandmother taught them how to crochet or knit as I for the most part a self-taught crocheter and knitter (I think I spend too much time with myself, lol).

This is a short post today as I am have some errands to run and see what is new a the bookstore, make a stop at Whole Foods, and finally trek my way home before it rains again.  Enjoy your day.


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