Spring and Summer Projects

I wrote in my blog entry the other day about starting another sweater project, and will tell you that I had unraveled it at least four times before getting the texture stitches I wanted. After re-working, I finally like the stitches and now continue the process of doing the first section of the sweater. I have been laxed in the sewing and for some reason do not understand why I cannot get into gear to even cut out the fabric. I know once I get started, I will be able to get into a roll and may not want to stop. There are times when I do become obessive on working projects that day will turn into day before making the realization that I should perhaps stop and take a break. I will work on something for hours whether it’s knitting, reading, cooking or having a political discussion with someone.

As I am working on my current sweater, I am wondering what to make that will go with it. I have fabric to make some skirts and summer dresses, but need to get to them. It probably would a good idea to become a little more structured with creating a schedule to work on my projects. I know that it may should like a job, but knitting and sewing are things I enjoy doing and it is worth the effort to do some time management.

Another goal I have on my mind is getting healthy. It is time to make that routine visit to the doctor. I need to go to the doctor and talk to her about mediciation for my allegries and asthma. However, I want to get my blood sugar checked as well. I have a genetic predisposition to diabetes and want to see where I stand. With that note, I need to watch what I eat. I am bringing my lunch to work with my these days and keeping a shopping list of things I need from the supermarket. Most of all, is the need to get eight hours of sleep which I do not seem to achieve on many nights. For some reason, I wake up at 5:30am during the weekday, 7am on Saturdays, and 6:30am on Sundays. Every night, I tried going to bed around the same time 11p. I think if I change my eating habits and exercise, better sleep may come for me.

I saw the new Butterick summer patterns, but nothing really jump at me saying sew me. Although, I could make some changes and create something different than what the pattern calls for. I make changes to the crochet and knitting patterns like place different collars or sleeves. It is another thing to think about. Enjoy your day.

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