Too Much Rain: There is Always Knitting and other Projects

It has been raining for the past six days and it looks like I need a rowboat. I am a little waterlogged this week and it is not Friday yet. However, there is always knitting to keep me occupied in the evenings. Last night, I managed to start the crochet simple cardi sweater using the bamboo/cotton yarn I purchased from the Lion Brand studio a month ago. I have only crochet several rows thus far, but it is turning out to be a nice soft garment with a little sheen. I think that project will take me a while to complete as I need to begin knitting my niece’s graduation present, but thought it would be a good idea to start crocheting.

I reading some blogs today and Brooklyn Tweed caught my eye. He knitted a wonderful baby blanket with Knit Picks new tweed yard. It is beautiful and I love the the trim. So if you need some inspiration for a baby blanket read Brooklyn Tweed’s blog.  Another blog that I recently started reading is Weekend Designer which has great sewing project with instructions in how to create them.  Currently, there is a project for the a clouche hat.  I think the hat would a nice accessory to rain gear which I certainly do not mind having on a rainy day like this.

Tonight, I am going to home and make a frittita for dinner.  I have some leeks and mushrooms and think it would be a good idea for a frittita and will also have lunch for tomorrow.  Or I can just bring the chicken soup I brought the other night along with a sandwich/salad to make my morning a little easier and just make the frittita for the weekend.  On that note, I am off.  Enjoy your day.


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