Back to the Salt Mines

I returned to work yesterday from my stayaction. There are some inopportune times when a person gets a cold and it seems to happen to me frequently. During my sneezing fits, itchy and watery eyes from the wicked tree pollen, I managed to get a cold coupled with my allergies. Yes I returned to work with a cold, but needed to come into work because my manager is on vacation and I am the only person who can do his job. So yesterday, after doing the necessary work, I went home, got into bed, and took a nap. I also did not get a chance to work on my scarf. I managed to cut out the felted wool leaves and was in the process of handsewing onto the scarf, but got sick over the weekend.

I will complete that scarf because I am too close to the finishing line. In addition, I want to start my next project, the crochet cardigan sweater (someday, I will get to my sewing machine and actually get to some of my sewing projects). As I am writing this, I forgot about knitting that hoodie sweater for my niece’s graduation present, so the crochet cardi will have to wait for a while.

I picked a copy of the new issue of Stitch Magazine and there is a pillow I would like to make. It’s called a chrysanthemum pillow designed by Tricia Waddell which is an Asian-inspired silk pillow with a ruffled flower centerpiece. You can use a ribbon yarn to create spiral ruffles. It’s a really nice pillow. There is also a good article call “Print Me” which is about creating one-of-a-kind fabric for sewing projects with screenprinting and other simple at-home printmaking techniques. I think it is a good idea for people to create their own prints and then sew a dress, skirt or top from the printed fabric that he or she personally designed. It would be something I would like to do, but realistically do not have the space in my apartment.

I listened to the Yarncraft Lionbrand podcast this morning while working, and they talked about creating handmade wedding gifts. There is also a segment about dyeing your own yarn. Of course, I thought about dyeing my own yarn as well because it is another thing I would love to learn, but it would mean purchasing a separate bowl, pot, and spoon and there is that thing called space that gets in the way. However, things change so I would not rule out dyeing my own yarn. I am going to say so long for now. Enjoy your day!


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