A Day of Errands

I needed to run a few errands today. My goal was to go grocery shopping as the proverbial cupboards were bear, so off I went to Whole Paycheck, oh I mean Whole Foods. I noticed that approximately 80% of the items I put into the cost $4.00. The olives cost $4, bag of onions cost $4, grape tomatoes, etc. $4.00 was just getting a little weird or perhaps I wanted my grocery bill to be $4.00, like that was going to happen. The plan to purchase food and take my lunch to work because money is tight. It is important to save some money particularly to buy supplies for a side business. Besides I can cook, so I do not need to eat out.

I needed to replace a coffee pot. I broke my old while cleaning it by dropping the bottom a butter knife in the pot which cause it chip a small circle at the bottom. That was weird to one small of the pot break. If I had crazy glue, maybe I could have fixed it, but who knows. Oye!

I managed to pick up a copy of the 1st issue of Inside Crochet which I like very much. There are a few projects that I want to put on wish list such as the handy basket with a tapestry crochet which enables to use pictures and geometric designs and it is a beginner’s project. The pattern is a hand crochet in the basket, it is really cool. There is a motif scarf called Meadow that is really nice for the spring and a cool summer day. I am really drawn to the koi jacket which is an kimono-style jacket and it is also a beginner’s pattern. I like the fact that each pattern have yarn alternative from save, spend, and spoil yourself which I think many crocheters and knitters can appreciate.

Here is a piece irony. After grocery shopping, I only eat a salad at dinner. That is right was only meal for the day. I still have a grapefruit to snack on before. On that note, enjoy your night!


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