Early to Rise

It is the first day of my vacation and I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Now for the life of me, I do not understand why because it was my intention to sleep late. However, I lied down for a couple of hours before getting up for the day. I made some tea because I am still out of half and half for coffee.

I managed to finish knitting the scarf for the felted foliage scarf Saturday and now with the process of cutting out the felted leaves to sew unto the scarf. That will be one project down. I really like the projects from Sewing Green and plan on doing a few more in the book. In an effort for me to save some money, I am going to make a lunch tote, reusable sandwich wraps, and napkins. There are also patterns for a single and double BYOB water-bottle sling which I think is great to carry water or that bottle of wine to a restaurant that does not have a liquor license, or that romantic picnic.

I am turning green and taking the plunge by buying organic cotton fabric. I watched a new series on the Sundance Channel called Eco Trip with David de Rothschild (yes he is of the Rothschild family). The premise of the show is to see how the products that we are made and see whether or not they are doing damage to the environment. The host made a trip to see the production of cotton from harvest to the finish product. After seeing that, I am not purchashing another conventional t-shirt again. First the cotton crops are sprayed with herbicides and pesticides, then the cotton is picked and gone through the mill, it is collected in bails where it goes to be spun into threads and yarns. Before I continue, the seeds are collected and used for the production of cottonseed oil and foodstuff for cows (this would be a good reason to drink organic milk). Since cotton is not a food, it is not regulated by the FDA. The cotton is treated with more chemicals by spraying formamide in the final finishing, and formamide can not be washed out of your clothes. I had a discussion with a person about the episode, and she told me that I watched too much TV. However, if the told me that I read too much if I read it as an article. Oh well, it is catch 22 situation and people always like facts because it changes their world as they know it. If you have the Sundance Channel, I recommend the series. It airs Tuesday night at 9 est.

I think I am going call it an evening. Until next time, enjoy crafting and creating.


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