A Morning without Coffee

I am offically on vacation. It is nice Saturday morning with a temperature of 60 degrees. By some weather reports, it is excepted to get into the mid-80s, so we are having summertime weather in the spring. It could be a better day if I had some half and half for my coffee (ugh). Listening to Weekend Edition without my coffee is distressing because it is so much a part of my weekend routine. I hope drinking tea will give me same satisfaction.

Of course, I will survive not having coffee this morning, but it goes without saying that I miss it. However, there is still the rest of day to enjoy. I am going out for a little and soak in the weather. It is my hope to finish knitting the scarf I started. I managed to get strawberry perserves on the scarf, but removed it by washing the area. There is also the felted leaves I need to cut out to sew on the leaves.

I also printed out a pattern created by Jordynn Mackenzie called the Jordy Bag. You can download her pattern at http://www.jordynnmackenzie.com.

Well, I think it is time for to prepare some breakfast and get started with having a creative day even without coffee. Enjoy and create!

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