Friday and other Happenings

It is just one of those weeks where it is busy and things does not always go as they planned. The weather has not been the best with a big rainfall on Monday into the night, so I just came home from work and continue to knit my scraf until the skein end (don’t you wish skens of yarn could last until you finish your entire project). I have another skein to finish my scarf and tonight will unwind and roll the skein into a ball. Although, I realized that I probably will purchase another skein because three of them can make two 6″ w & 60″ l scarves. I am using Casade 220 superwash which knits into a nice soft fabric, and think it would be also good to make a knitted apron which I have had in my back of mind to knit for a couple of years.

I printed out an Amy Bulter pattern from her website today for a snow mum pillow, but probably will not do a pillow. I am thinking of using the mum pattern to add onto a totebag or perhaps make a smaller version of the mum to sew onto a skirt. I am thinking of doing some kind of whimsical scarf that will include yellow, green, and orange, but want to also try some felting. Unfortunately, I do not have the space, washer or dryer to try felting. However, felting was done prior to the invention of the washing machine and there is probably way to felt without one.

There are some other knitting techniques I want to learn and enter into my expanding knitting knowledge. I am beyond the beginner knitter with knitting a quite a few hats and scraves, and there is my first Lion Brand cardigan. I still have another cardigan on my needles and probably will start the crochet cardigan project with the Lion Brand cotton/bamboo yarn. Lion Brand also has a nice microspun yarn that I am thinking purchasing next week using its free pattern of a fitted knitted top. It is sleevless, but thinking about adding short sleeves (it is something to think about).

My niece is graduating for high school in June and will head off to college in the fall. I am going to attend her last high school dance school next week as I will be on vacation for a week. I remember taking her to Disney World when she was not quite five, and her first day at catholic school when she thought Father James was God (she was four) because she did not see him at church, and now she is 17 and graduating for high school. Time certainly does go by quickly.

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