Glorious Day

I wanted to begin by writing thank you for everyone who had some ideas about marketing my business.  It is always good to get input for other people  I am in the process doing my research and reading a book entitled “Craft, Inc.” and find it helpful in reading the stories of individuals have starting a craft business.  I learned that it the right time to start a business does not really occur and have to get over doubts and fears.  I have an idea about packaging, pricing, and copyright as is part of administrative aspect of business.  I want to be able to design my own knit cand crochet patterns, but intend to start of small with knitting accessories and knitwear for infant and children.  I thought about creating hankerchiefs.  It is just a matter of finding my niche with the balance of being creative and making items that people are willing to purchase.  I have to consider the recession and think about people are going to buy what they need and not necessarily what they want.  I want to create products are easy to care for and are durable.

Friday was a beautiful day and I got away with waying a denim jacket and cashmere sweater just in case it was a little windy.  I finally made a trip to the library apply for a new library card.  That is something I love about being in New York City is getting a library card while working in the city (well I do pay city taxes).  I think having a New York Public Library card means that you are really part of the city.  Now I can really do more research about starting a business and take out knitting books without going to bookstore to purchasing them.

Yesterday, I did some knitting and one of the best things about it is that it allows me to come in tune with my thoughts. Knitting does allow me to relaxed and with relaxing the process of mindfulness. I do not forget about my problems, but awareness and clarity helps me while knitting. Ideas also pop into my head while knitting such as creating a label, trademark packaging, and colors for the business. Now I have to take these ideas write them down and incorporate into my goals. However, the goal is to start small and work from there. I should be finished with the foliage felted scraf soon and post photos in a week or two. I am wondering about a foliage hat along with scraf. That’s another idea to mull over.


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