A Good Foundation

I have something to write on my wish to sew list.  I listened to Laurie’s podcast from the Sewforthnow blog back in March 2008 interviewing Anne St. Claire about bra making.  However, such as life, the thought about making a bra went into an archive file deep within the recesses of my brain until about a week ago while reading Liana blog’s Sew Intriguing about her bra making experience.  Liana’s inspiration came from reading the Sigrid – Sewing Projects blog as the blogger has sewn what seems lot of bras and lingerie.  The blog also has a sewing tutorial for making bras, pattern and bra making supplies information.  I thought about the process of making a bra and the cost factor.  I learned that it does not take much fabric to make a bra, and from Ann’s estimate it is about $10 – $15 to make a bra and thought to myself that it is a huge difference because I have put more than $65.00 for a bra to give the girls good support and are unhappy when they are not provided with good lift.  I also need to get back into the practice of wear a slip again.  There is a reason for wearing a slip just in case that dress or skirt you are wearing happens to be sheer.  Making a bra and lingerie will be on my sew to do list, and printed an past article from Threads Magazine about constructing a bra

Believe or not, I am still working on my journal of all the projects I want to work on in the next year.  I still have not received my Jalie patterns, but they probably will come in the mail today.  I still have to get to the notion shop to purchase some thread, buttons, and elastic before starting any project.  I am also thinking about purchase some beads and lace to embellish a skirt.  It will be a plain straight skirt, but it will need a little extra to add interest.


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