Coffee Hour

It is Saturday morning, and I am drinking coffee, listening to NPR Weekend Edition, writing a blog entry and thinking about needing to create knitting bag that Martha Stewart made with Mo Rocca on her March 23 about knitting. I literally have more yarn in bags after running out of proper knitting storage. It is amazing of the things you think about on a rainy day while drinking coffee.

Yesterday I wrote about what would be in my dream bubble and have another to add, having a housekeeper. Someone that could come in a couple times a week and chores I do want to do such as clean the bathroom, windows, and doing the floors. I can do the laundry and cooking. That was just a thought that came to me. Just have someone that can do things that I do not have time to do.

This coffee hour I am having is very mediating and puts me into a state of mindfulness that process of being in the moment. It is a moment of not worrying myself to death, but not being in a state of denial either. I allow myself to concentrate and being aware of my surroundings. I think my hobbies of knitting, crocheting and sewing made me become more patience and concentrated. We do live in fast-paced world where there times when we need to slow down and have greater spans of attention. Another dream bubble moment, create a space to slow down.

I think is time for me to add to my create/projects journal. I have some storage ideas to jot down before it permanently leaves my thought process. Enjoy you day!


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