What’s in your Dream Bubble?

Like every morning, I entered into the elevator to reach my office.  While I am waiting to get to the 7thfloor, I look at the little screen for news information, weather, and sports score.  The screen is called Captivate Network, and it is certainly is captivating to say the least.  Yesterday, I noticed the ad for the Mega Millions for Friday and there is a picture of a bubble with a caption inside reading “What’s in your dream bubble?”  Yes, it is had ad to entice you purchase lottery tickets in hopes that you will win millions of dollars to filfull that dream.  Now the chances of winning such a lottery is one in a million, but can you still have a dream bubble?  Do you need millions of dollars to make your dreams come true.  I do not deny winning $78 million dollars would make my financial life easier and would not complain if I did win, but I still have dreams.

On my way home from work, I do have a tendency to have several thoughts flooding into my brain to the point that I may not even hear you call my name while walking down the street.  I am in as some may say another state of mind and yesterday afternoon was not different.  Thoughts will really do come flooding in while I am doing something else like figuring out a Ken-Ken puzzle.  I often think about owning a business of something I enjoy doing and may incorporate traveling.  I think of ideas like having shops around the country serving customers withproviding their needs (I am being vague about the idea).  I do not think about being super rich, but creating a life that give me financial freedom to pursue my interests.  I also had another thought this morning about creating a space with a Moroccan theme because I love the blues, greens, and golds with the lambs, pottery and rugs.  It could be a bedroom, den, or sewing nook.  I have other things in my dream bubble such as the garden I want do, a trip to Argentina, Spain, Italy, Kenya, etc.  Writing is my dream bubble being a better writer as I do not have most perfect grammar in the world.

This is gives me an idea to write down all the things in my dream bubble and turn into realities.  On a side note, I received my fabric.com order today and it makes me a happy camper.  The sweater knit is soft and has a nice drape.  I also purchased the Crafty Chica’s Guide to Artful Sewing and has some nice ideas on low sew projects.  It’s always nice to make some embellishments to your current wardrobe or sew a plain skirt or dress.


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