Another Rainy Monday

I think spring will be filled with raining every other day and today is no different. Does it always seems that it only rains at the moment you step out of the house? I am having one those moments today.  A torrentialrain came just as I got off the bus this morning to get the train and my only wish that it would not continue to rain like after arriving into the city because I have a ten minute walk to work from the train station.  I was lucky as the rain did slow down enough for me not to use an umbrella to make my way to get my daily cup of java.  I made a stop at the magazine store and pick up the current issue of Sewstylish Magazine and it put a smile on my face.

I started knitting my scarf last night for the felted foliage scarf project.  It seems that I received a second wind at 10 at night to start it and managed to knit a few inches of the scarf before going to bed.  I am a bit of a perfectionist by doing a ripout and starting over before finally getting it right to my satisfacation, but here is the self-reflection I did not have to start over because I can cover my mistakes when I sew on the foliage leaves to the scarf.  Admission, I gave myself a headache and sometimes it is just fine to let it go.  Getting back to the magazine.  I am going to read Sew Stylish on my commute home to work.  There is an article about interfacing basics, and Daniel Vosovic, the former contestant from Project Runway wrote an article fabric 101, and the Crafty Chica contributes as well by transforming a men’s shirt into a flirty top.

I know it is only Monday, but feels like Friday as wave of sleepiness seems to blow in my direction and cast with heavy eyelids while I write this blog which probably is a sign for me to call it a day in the writing department.


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