A Leisure Sunday

It is a beautiful day, but I am going to take it easy today. I started the process of working on my felted foilage scarf from the Sewing Green book. I have enough project supplies to create two scarves which means the cost is under $25.00 for each scarf. I think it is a good deal, and even less if you old wool sweaters around the house to create the scarf.

I do not even have to cook today after going to Whole Foods yesterday to pick up ingredients to make meatballs and spaghetti which just good old comfort food, and enough to have for lunch on Monday. I probablly will go back to Whole Foods for ingredients to make a few vegetarian dishes as I am trying to incorporate to eat meatless meals a few days out of the week. There is a recipe for making own vegan cheese in the April issue of Vegetarian Times, an it is amazing how easy it is to make and requires no special tools. The recipes may be posted on the Vegetarian Times (www.vegetariantimes.com) website. There also recipes using coconut milk and I like making thai curry dishes at home. There is also a recipe for making coconut rice.

If the weather continues to be nice tomorrow, I might the trip to the Lion Brand yarn studio to pick up the yarn for my crochet favorite cardi sweater. I think is time for to the opportunity of this leisure Sunday to create a book to keep track of my projects. Write down of the type of fabrics and yarns I use in the event of using them again as I do forget and have a habit throwing the label. I also need to get into the habit of creating swatching for my knitting projects particularly for apparels like sweaters.

Well, it is time for get started on my project book before I think of something else to do. Enjoy your Sunday.

Has anyone ever heard of Alpha Inventions or Condron?


2 responses

  1. Google Alpha Inventions. It sounds really good for driving up your web traffic for free. Since you are planning on going into business maybe that is a good way to start.

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