Online Bargains

I signed up for email alerts for new fabrics or sales on its site.  The company sends me “Deal of the Day” and today I decided to take the offer along with the free shipping for orders over $35.00.  The deal of the day is sweater knit for $2.39 a yard which I do not think anyone would beat with a stick.  I purchased 5 yards of each of the dark green and charcarol fabric.  These will go into my stash to make some wrap dresses for next fall/winter.  I also purchased some metro stretch denim and used the pattern review discount, and will purchase the Jalie stretched jean and classic trousers patterns also through Pattern Review.

large_bw-970  large_ca-030

I treated myself to a new tape measure from and think that this is it for my fabric buying for the month unless I find another deal that pique my interest enough to purchase it.  I am going after to work to purchase the felt I mentioned in my blog entry from yesterday, and need to get some potting soil for my plants now that it has been a week since their arrival to the office.  It is 65 degrees today and I am happy about that, but am a little warm because I am wearing a cashmere cardigan sweater in addition to my trench coat due to the forcast of possible rain.

This is going to be a short post today as I am preparing to leave and run some errands, but it has been a bit of a long day.  So I am going to get some dinner in the process, go home, and relax with watching some TV.  Enjoy the rest of your day!


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