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It is Wednesday and I am looking at another cloudy day with the chance of rain by this evening as reported by the news this morning.  I was catching up on blog reading this morning, and found out that Vogue has posted new patterns onto its website.  I took a peak and saw some that I would like to purchase.  I am still in the learning stages of sewing, so I go for the very easy or easy patterns.  I posted the ones I like and thinking about adding to my pattern stash (I have a collection of patterns).

v8571   v85731

v8583   v8587

v8580      v8586

I really the dresses in the location particularly the dress with the bow-tie in the back, and the flouncy skirt that I like as well.  I have to thank Michelle Obama for making cool to wear dresses.  I know women were slowly getting back into wearing dresses as I can see from the various blogs I read, but maybe Mrs. Obama will influence more women to wear them.  I do not have a problem with wearing pants, but it’s nice to wear down the street in a nice dress.  I am thinking about making a maxi dress.  Mimi Goodwin  made one over a week ago in a tutorial of how to make one for yourself.  I need to have thicker strips as I have the girls to think about, and perhaps putting a band along.  I am still mulling over the idea.

I walked over to Purl Soho today to their fabric shop to check out their felt fabric because I am going to do the scraf from “Sewing Green” book.  I like the because it’s whimsical, adds textual and interest to my accessories.  I think if I purchase three or four 18×24 cuts and purchase some yarn to knit a garter stitch scarf.  I am going to try my hand at felting the scraf.  Another idea comes to mind of knitting a hat and cut the felted leaves and sew onto the hat, and a border of leaves at the bottom of a skirt or coat.  I may go felting crazy.  I am going to purchase some yarn from Lion Brand and haven’t decided on the color for the scarf.  I have it down to these colors.  I am lending towards the first swatch, but probably will make up mind by tomorrow.

820-132b  820-171b150-126b  820-123b


 I was thinking of the ways I could make some extra money.  I have a habit of downplaying my knitting, but it could be a way for me to make some money by making some small things like hats and scarves.  Someone noticed my hat with the button on the side and loved it, and I wondered if people would be willing to purchase such items.  Who wants a plain hat, when they have it embellished with buttons, ribbons, beads, and felted leaves?  Something for me to think about.  Enjoy your day!


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