A Quick Post

Over the holiday season, people found alternative ways in gift giving by creating. Craft places such as Joann’s and Michael’s were of few business that received a traffic of customers and made a profit. No one knows when the recession end and some ecomonists believe that the country will see growth until next year.

I do not I am alone by saying cash is a little short and have been looking resourceful ways to save money. I too will be making some gifts. I have a niece graduating from high school, and before you know, the holidays will come upon us again.

I suppose it is the reason for writing previous post on fabric/yarn snobbery and sewing green to discover how to save money while creating things doing the crafts we love to do. We can save money and things that look great at the same time.

Another thought I have is support more indie crafters like the smaller yarn makers. I’m looking at few people who create their yarns and will post about them in the future.

Today is perfect for some reading and knitting today. Also doing laundry while doing other activities because it is a rainy day in neck of the woods. I do have a question before closing. In what ways do save money on your craft? Share your ideas. Enjoy your day!


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