Magazine Review and other Going-ons

I am sitting at my computer this morning.  I finished up some work so that I could listen to on-line town hall meeting with the President.  I think it is amazing to have someone in the White House is curious, intelligent, and willing to use technology to keep in touch with his constituency.  I am actually writing a blog entry while listening to the town hall meeting, and it is my hope that I do not begin transcribing his words into my blog.  Talk about multi-tasking.

I actually have a book and magazine review on knitting today.   I mentioned in a blog entry last week about a new book published by Interweave entitled “Simple Style” , which is a part of its style series and added a link so you get a sample of projects in the book.  I wanted to have a knitting pattern book in my collection where I could have some simple things to knit.  Of course, I want to learn more stitch patterns and other details, but for the moment it’s more about building a wardrobe.  The book contains 19 projects with simple knitting techniques.  The book discusses about how to make your knitting easy and at the end of the book is a “design notebook that cover ways to maximize style while simplifying knitting and finishing techniques”.  I put that in quotes because they are not my words, but of the publisher’s words describing the design notebook section.  There are a couple of skirt patterns that seem simple to knit, and one of the skirt has a very nice cable pattern.  I recommend that you should try knitting a project with a cable pattern because you are love way it turns out.   I suggest you might want to purchase the book online Amazon or Borders which is cheaper than going to the bookstore, and you might want to try Overstock as the delivery charge is only $2.00.  There is always the library as well where you can borrow the book, copy what projects you want to knit, and return it (Hey, I don’t judge).



Now my review of the spring/summer issue of Knit Simple.  For those who are not familiar with the magazine, it’s published four times a year plus a holiday issue.  I love the magazine because it is so informational with book reviews and noteworthy notions, accessories and more sections of new products to try.  The magazine has expanded to include crochet projects with a woman’s mesh cover-up that you can knit or crochet.  There are two articles in the magazine that I found very interesting.  One is article on 101 top knit tips from expert knitters like Nicky Epstein and Ann Rudd.  Another article is about the new technique of hairpin lace.  Here is the definition from Reader’s Digest’s Complete Book of Needlework: 

Hairpin lace is a crochet  technique done using a crochet hook and a hairpin lace loom, which consists of two parallel metal rods held at the top and the bottom by removable bars. Historically, a metal U-shaped hairpin was used, from which the name originates.

Hairpin lace is formed by wrapping yarn around the prongs of the hairpin lace loom to form loops, which are held together by a row of crochet stitched worked in the center, called the spine.  The resulting piece of lace can be worked to any length desired by removing the bottom bar of the hairpin and slipping the loops off the end. The strips produced by this process can be joined together to create an airy and lightweight fabric. Various types of yarns and threads can be used to achieve different color, texture and design effects. Examples of items made with hairpin lace include scarves, shawls, hats, baby blankets, afghans, and clothing. Hairpin lace can also be added to sewn, knitted, and crocheted works as a decorative accent.

I apologize for the technically definition, but thought it may be important to anyone who may be interested in learning a new technique.  I may want to try creating a wrap with the hairpin technique.  Stitch Diva has a tutorial on the hairpin technique, and I think it is a nice website.  Jennifer Hanson is the lead designer and contributing designers include Wendy Benard of Knit and Tonic, and Stephanie Japel of Glampyre Knits.  I think that is all the time I have for today, it’s lunch time and I am meeting my co-workers for a stitching session today.


 I forgot one thing, I knitted this hat back in the fall and there is still the matching scarf that I have failed to knit with winter being over, but here it is:


I know the photo is huge and now we can see the white lint that seem have made a home on my hat.  You are also looking at my work desk with my work mug and part of a mini-knitted sweater that I made from some scraps a few years ago.  It was when I getting in the process of knitting and wanted to see if I could really knit a sweater.  It is definitely lunch time now as I could eat a small calf (but I will not, grilled cheese is the preference today).  Enjoy your day!

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