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I use Google Reader to keep track of all the blogs I am interested in reading.  There some many of them and I subscribe to different types from cooking to politics.  Most of the blogs about knitting, crocheting, sewing and crafting, and it seems that I add a couple blogs a day.  I am addicted to reading blogs, but it keeps me touch with what is going on.  I even have a word a day blog to increase my vocabulary.  I kid about being addicted to blogs, but I am an information hound and love learning something new.  I feel that I have wasted day without at least learning one thing.  In addition to reading blogs, I have read magazines because the articles are more in-depth then a daily newspaper.  In many ways, technology is a good thing, but I still like reading book or magazine and blogs just adds onto my reading.

I am still working information about knitting and sewing green, but wanted you to know that Red Heart has even got on the green bandwagon.  The company has created to two brands with Eco Ways and Eco Cotton Blend.  Eco Ways is made with 30% of recycled polyester, and Eco Cotton is made from recycled t-shirts and arylic.  I forgot to mentioned yesterday that Lionbrand also has a recycled t-shirt yarn.  Getting back to Red Heart yarns, both yarns are reasonable priced, eco ways is $3.19 a skein and is 186 yards worsted weight, and eco-cotton is $3.49 a skein and is 145 yards worsted weight.  I think it’s a great price and you could knit or crochet a sweater without breaking your budget, and it is easy to care for by washing it yourself.  For information about these yarns go to  You can register, subscribe to the newsletter, and look at the free patterns.

e749   e750

My blog find for today is Neoknits (, her name is Melissa and she is a sweater designer from New York.  She designs some great looking cardigans and sweaters, and has posted her patterns on her blog for sale.  If you are interested knitting a cardigan or sweater, Neoknits has some nice designs for you give a try.  Another blog I added to my blog list to read is called Fabric Worm (, and there is also a shop called ( ) to see all the fabrics for sell.  I think the fabric is lovely and can imagine making curtains, tablemats, and pillows.

 I picked up an issue of Craftstylish a few weeks ago.  The issue focused on refashioning your wardrobe and it had some great ideas making something old new again.  Of course, there are some things I would not do, but it does give me inspiration in recycling some of my old clothes and giving them a more updated and contemporary look.  There is also a blog called Refashion Wardrobe (  The creator, Nichola Prested based in Melborne, Australia decided to stop purchasing new manufactured clothing to do her part for the planet, saving money and improve her sewing.  Wardrobe Refashion is an online community with several contributor sharing their ideas and projects with blog entries on the site.  I actually heard about the blog from reading the book “Sewing Green” by Betz White that I mentioned in yesterday blog entry. 

Did you know that it was March Mending Month? is doing a month long of things that you can mend such as that old in your sweater that the moths had a nice meal with.  Yesterday’s Craftzine blog entry was how to mend a sweater by crocheting a patch.  I thought was very cool thing to do and no one will know that there was once a hole, and you can save the sweater you love so much.  So now you can visit their blog and learn how to mend just about anything.

I am getting the feeling that I am writing another long blog post, but wanted to add this information I received from my cousin Kimberly today.  It is a summer program at Morehouse College and I am going to paste the information if anyone who as a son, nephew, or younger brother (or a neighbor)  who is a 10th or 11th grader can take advantage of this opportunity:

                MOREHOUSE SUMMER PROGRAM – 10th & 11th Grade        
        *       You may know someone . . . Please pass on this opportunity for our young men. . . .
                Any Brothers or Sisters who have Sons, Nephews or younger brothers please read….
Morehouse Summer Program @ Morehouse College in Atlanta , GA –  will be offering a Summer Institute (Proje ct Identity) for African-American males entering the 10th and 11th grades.
                Three weeks at Morehouse – June 7 – 28

        *       Creative Writing –
        *       SAT Prep –
        *       Debate –
        *        Pre-Calculus –
        *       Leadership development  –
        *       Enrichment activities –
        $400 fee (includes meals, housing and activities).
PROJECT IDENTITY is a federally funded program designed to stimulate interest in college attendance and the awareness of college entrance requirements for African-American and other minority males attending middle school. The Project a ims to help to develop and sustain the capacity of middle schools to prepare these young boys for high school and post-secondary education. By providing a network of support, particularly for the adults who influence middle school students, specifically, their counselors and families, Project Identity strives to channel and direct more minority males to higher education. Project Identity will give special attention to boys from backgrounds and communities that  historically have not encouraged large numbers to pursue, enroll and succeed in post-secondary education.

The vision of Project Identity is to expose middle school male students to the best academic resources and cultural activities so that learning becomes a source of inspiration to not only pursue the college option but to do so with enthusiasm and vigor. By assisting both parents and school counselors, Project Identity will create a learning environment for participants that extends beyond the classroom.


Well, that is all have for today.  If the Morehouse link does not work, let me know and I will get it for you.  Enjoy your day!

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  1. I love google reader too! I also love the word of the day blog too. I used to do a blog spotlight. I might have to start doing that again. It’s a great way to introduce others to new blogs. Now I am going to check out the ones you posted lol.

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