Fabric or Yarn Snobbery?

I have a friend of mine who only believes in purchasing clothes of natural fibers.  That is right no polyester other synthetics for her.  However, she does not like the facts that people wear jeans and has an aversion to corduroy which are incidently made from cotton (a natural fiber).  Needless to say she has dubbed herself the fashion queen and believes natural fibers are the way to go.  I love natural fibers and purchase or make pieces from them.  However, I have a practical side to me as well.  I have to ask myself what kind of lifestyle do I have.  What kind clothes do I need for work and home?  How many functions do I attend during the course of the year?  These are the questions people will or at least ask themselves when choosing clothese for their lifestyle. 

Another question I tend to ask myself do I really want to spend a great deal of money having my clothes drycleaned.  Cashmere or wool sweaters are not difficult for me because I can wash them by hand and make sure to wear a t-shirt or undergarment pads underneath my arms to shield away from staining my clothes.  My friend likes linen, but linen can be a problem because it wrinkles if you look at it and you need to take to the cleaners with almost each wear, in addition, it’s not a year round fabric.  I guess I have the belief in making your clothes last as long as possible.  I was wearing an article where it stated that conventional about women wearing something once within a week or month is no longer the thing to do, if you like then wear it again and we are seeing that with Michelle Obama because let’s face the average woman does not have the money to purchase a wardrobe where you will see her wear the same outfit in six months.  When one think about you will also need a use closet to keep all that clothing and some of us do not have the space for it.

I do use synthetic fabrics and yarn for more comfortable wearable pieces particularly for the weekend where I can just wash in the laundry with very little ironing.  I actually wash these pieces and dry them by hanging them so I do not have to iron.  I received an email the other day from Pattern Review promoting Jalie’s new patterns to order.  Two of the patterns are new 2908 and 2909, a stretch denim and classic trousers.  Jalie has the 2561 which is a pant patterns, but think it would great to get fabric made from lyra/polyester blend to wear for a casual work place and weekends.  You could use a cotton/lyra blend fabric for pattern 2909 or perhaps a wool gabardine, but thinking about fabric that has stretch.   I am also interested in finding some tops using cotton/lyra blends because one can never have enough of them to wear on the weekends where you just wash them and go on with the rest of your day.  I love cashmere/silk blend sweaters because I can wash them myself and it’s not difficult care.  Real Simple (www.realsimple.com)  has a few articles about caring and maintaining your wardrobe with some great advice.  However, I do not think that there is anything wrong with have some synthetic pieces of clothes in your wardrobe.  I think I will do a blog on the different type of fabrics both natural and synthetic, and even organic with references of articles and websites.  Let me know if this is a good idea.  Ciao.

2909  2561



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