New Stuff to See

I subscribe to a lot of blogs containing various information and tips from cooking to knitting to sewing.  Today, I read a blog entry from Skamama, Julie Armstrong Holetz who wrote the book Uncommon Crochet that I mentioned in a previous blog entry.  I love her crochet patterns because they are so hip and modern.  Now Holetz is the editor of a new crochet magazine from Great Britain called Inside Crochet Magazine ( and the first issue goes on sale March 27, but you can go onto the website and pre-order.  Inside Crochet also on Facebook and Raverly.

n70572785126_9198      IC1.Cover.Final.indd

Burda Fashion has its April issue preview online and saw this dress that pique my intererst.  I noticed that the dresses for the spring and summer are long.  It’s a gown without being formal, but stylish and yes the c word comfortable.  I can see myself going out to dinner with friends or a nice outdoor party.  I am thinking about getting the April issue and add this dress to my inspiration notebook of things to sew.


I read a comment that someone left me yesterday.  Her name is Maranda Burke and her blog is (  I took an opportunity to visit her blog as she visited mine and realized that she has a shop online ( with some great fabrics that takes you into a world of crafty imagination.  There is a print that I thinking about purchasing to make that Sushi Apron from “The Perfect Apron” I purchased last week.  I also see that tunic in my fabric.  Maranda is also have a giveaway of some fabric, so just visit her blog and entry.

My last thing to see is from  It’s called the Paloa Dress.  It’s a nice wrap dress and the pattern cost $4.00 which you can download as a PDF file.  I see this dress with a pair of trousers if some us have knees that have gone south.


I guess that is all I have for now with stuff to see.  Enjoy everyone!

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