Inspiration and Saving Space

There are times when I watch Clean House on the Style Network.  The show gives me inspiration on cleaning organizing my space as I live in an apartment and have to make the best of my space.  This means I can not keep large stashes of fabric and yarn in my apartment due to the limited space.  I am moving in the next few months and have to begin the process of purging and packing.  Talk about spring cleaning.  I confess that I am a ratpack and tend to keep things longer than I intend.  There is some truth that we get attach to our things for sentimental reasons or we paid a lot of money on an item that we do not use, but cannot bear to throw it out or give it away.  My biggest things are books and CDs in which I have over 300 books and probably over 300 CDs as well.  This means going through the books and CDs and make a decisions of what to keep, donate, or chuck.

I was reading a blog this morning called the “Ferral Knitter” by Janine Bajus who came up with a simple idea to keep track and store her clippings and swatching.  She calls it her inspiration journal and I think it’s a good idea.  I keep a notebook of all the knitting projects that I want to knit (I am up to 40 knitting patterns).  It’s in a lime-green three-ring notebook with plastic protector sheets that I slide in the patterns and separated into different sections of cardigans/sweaters, hat/gloves, scarves/wraps, and dresses/skirts.  I am thinking about doing the same thing to my sewing patterns, but a notebook isn’t going to do the job and going to need a storage box.  I probably will follow the scapbooking path as a way of organizing and chronciling my creative adventures.

I just discovered that the new Knitty and Twist Collective spring magazines are currently online with some very interesting knitting patterns to try.  I am also waiting for the new Spring issue of Knit Simple which should be coming out soon, but the website as a preview of its projects online  Well I am going to continue to be inspired.  Write to you soon.


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