Wednesday and It’s Still Cloudy

This is the third day and it’s still cloudy in my area, but at least it is not cold.  I made a realization yesterday as a knitter that I have been knitting from the back loop ever since I started knitting.  I think it’s because I am southpaw or left-handed person and just completely saw it differently, but I can say that my projects turned out fine.  However, I person in my knitting circle could have told me, lol.  She just left telling me she noticed a while ago, but I am not bitter.  Some of you may know that I crochet as well, and read from one of the message boards I subscribe wrote a post about prejudice against crocheting.  I have everyone know that I am an equal opportunity needle crafts person I like knitting and crocheting and it really depends on the project I like to do.  This hating must stop!  I am being facetious. 

I made a trip to Barnes and Noble Tuesday evening after work and discovered a new craft book  entitled “The Perfect Apron”.  I know that there are a few books published devoted to making aprons with “A is for Apron” the most current prior to the aforementioned.  However, I did not like those books because they just not capture my attention, but “The Perfect Apron” somehow did it for me.  It may toes curled and wiggled my nose.  Well that is not entirely true, but the book pique my interest to purchase it.  I love the apron featured in the book and probably will be inclined to make a few of them including the Japanese inspired apron shown below.  A silk apron?  Why not.

picture-016   picture-017 

picture-018  picture-019


I was also glad to know that the spring issue of Burda Verena Knitting magazine is out, and found some interested projects to knit.  I probably will end up choosing one of the projects to knit, and Verena website has the yarn recommended to knit these projects for people to purchase at the site.

picture-027  picture-024  picture-026

I purchased this book a few months ago (I think it’s time to see the public library) because it was interesting to crochet with different fibers such as jute, hemp, and leather.  It’s really a great book by Julie Armstrong Holetz of  I find the designs really hip and modern.  I am a little upset that I could not find the handle she used for one of her bags, the company no longer has it in stock ugh!

picture-009  picture-029  picture-011  picture-013

I purchased another crochet book a few months ago as well entitled “Blueprint Crochet” which also have some very cool projects with plenty schematics to follow.  There is one project I do have mind my for me niece because it fits her personality and style.  It’s called the Rachel Swing Jacket which is a `60s inspired swing jacket.  The jacket is worked in the round from the top down.  This jacket will be in my project queue to crochet.

picture-031  picture-032  picture-033  picture-034

Wednesday may be cloudy, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from finding some ray of sunshine with the promise of creating fresh and bright to create a little happiness every now and again.


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