It’s Monday and Rainy

After a weekend of 65+ degrees, Monday has rolled in with clouds and rain on the East Coast.  I think it’s the worse when I have to go to work on a Monday and it’s raining, but one have to look at the bright side of life and realize that the clouds will eventually roll by with the sun shining.  That phase remind me of a time when I told my grandmother that it is cloudy, and she told me that the sun is always there just behind the clouds.  Hey what I did I know then, I was about about six or seven at the time.  However, my grandmother gave more than just a scientific lesson, but an existential life lesson as well and that is be optimistic.  Of course, I did not understand what it meant to be existential or optimistic at the time, but as I became older I understood the importance of knowing the difference between being optimistic and pessimistic.  So giving this somewhat gloomy and cloudy day, there is a ray of sunshine waiting to come into its place.

So what I can I optimistic about?  When I think about being optimistic, I think about inspiration and creativity like a day on this one.  When I read the Knitters-Delight blog today and realize that when I asked Susan a question about what kind of yarn is she using for her circle shrug, and I had the answer all along to use a bamboo yarn.  I went to one of my favorite websites and search for bambo and found Ella Rae Bamboo Silk which comes very closely to what I wanted.  Susan mentioned that the yarn has a nice sheen and it is the look that I want, hooray.  I actually found the color green that is almost close to what the designer used for the circle shrug.  I wanted to use green yarn as I purchased some fabric on Thursday that is a lighter green with a 75/25% blend of cotton and silk that I want to make a top with a slash.  Spring is in the air even on a rainy Monday, and okay to be little goofy.



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