Still Knitting and Buying Plants

As I wrote in yesterday’s post, I have been knitting this cardigan since October 2008 and it’s now March 2009.  Yes for six months I have been knitting this project on and off for the past six months.  I am almost finished by knitting the rib edging at the bottom and hopefully move on to the sleeves.  This is my first top down construction cardigan with cable trim from the top to the bottom.  I do not know why it is taking my so long to complete my cardigan as I love the color and the way it’s turning out.  The sweater is simple to knit with only one button-hole.  With that said, I vowed to finish this sweater and wear until it is too hot.  However, it’s always cold my office, so I will be wearing while at work.picture-005

I picked up the March issue of Real Simple and read an article of spending wisely in a recession.  The article made a suggestion of purchasing flowers everyday, there are some indoor plants that bloom all year around, ever bloom is the garderning term.  I thought it would be a good idea.  I like plants and blooming plants are even better as your working day passes by, you need something beautiful to look at it to let you know that life is not all bad.  So I purchased these plants from  The plants come in 2.5″ container and were reasonably priced  the first plant is $8.95 and the second is $5.95.  You can sit them in your windowsill as well.  The first plant blooms intermittently through out the well and the other ever blooms. 

t5037-2-small  r1605-2-large 

A month ago, I ordered a Simplicity pattern to make that Michelle Obama black and white dress.  The order never arrived and believed that the post office lost it.  Simplicity sent me a new pattern and I finally received it today.  I hate the post office in New York City.  One would that one of the largest cities in the world would have an efficient post office, but that would be asking for too much.  I do not blame Simplicity because the company has sent me patterns before without a problem with receiving them, and thank them for being so courteous.  My next task is to find some ribbon.


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