Get Finished Already for the Next Project

I have to admit that I am guilty of starting knitting projects and not always finishing them.  I have knitting ADD from time to time.  There are times I can start a project and will not finish until it’s done, or starting one half of a pair fingerless gloves and still on the needles after six months of starting.  I am not alone one girls from my weekly knitting club at work has been working her first scraf for two years, so I do not feel so bad.  I have been knitting top down cardigan for almost six months.  I started in October and just completing the rib edging then I can move onto the sleeves to complete the sweater.  When I am done with that project, I intend to wear that sweater until it is too hot to wear it.  I can not wait to finish the sweater because I want to start on a shrug from Stefanie Japel’s Glam Knits.  I believe Susan from Knitter’s Delight is thinking of this as her next project.  Two minds think alike because I purchased the book some months ago, and thought about knitting project on the cover (I guess I will finish that in a couple of years).  I am unable to find the recommended yarn for the project in my local area, but there are super merino worsted yarn available.


I am partial to the color because I am thinking about green silk blouse with a straight blue skirt or wide leg blue trousers.  I like E from McCall’s M5661, but I want it to be sleeveless and the slash.


I want to move something more challenging, but not too difficult and thinking about knitting this dress/tunic on the cover of Glam Knits.  I am just attracted because I can wear this with a pair of trousers or with another dress.  I haven’t decided on the color, but I am leaning towards green.  I just hope this does not take me four years to complete it.  I think this will be spring project to complete by the fall and at least it’s a top down construction.  I think there is a theme here knitting things from the top down.




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