Dressing Outside of the Box


I have a confession to make.  I really have not been a floral print kind of person and quite frankly most of the colors in the wardrobe consist of black, brown, gray, and beige.  Ironically, I do not have blue in my closet and it’s my favorite color.  I decided to incorporate my color into my wardrobe including some prints.  However, First Lady Michelle Obama, has been an inspiration to other women not to be afraid to wear color.  Her confidence shows through making her clothes secondary, and it’s true that the person makes the clothes and not the clothes who makes the person (it’s man, but I updated the adage). 

Clothes are reflection of who are we are as individuals.  I had a conversation with a friend of mine today who is not impressed with the First Lady’s wardrobe.  She believes she does not dress appropriate for the position of First Lady and that her clothes are chintzy.  First of all, I think Michelle Obama dresses appropriately and her clothes are not gaudy or trashy.  However, my friend believes that Michelle Obama should not dress like everyone else which translate into that my friend does not shop at J. Crew.  I think Michelle Obama is showing a great example in that you do not have spend all of your money to look fashionably great, and it would send not a great symbolic message if she decided to wear Dolce and Gabana in the middle of a recession.  Besides, Michelle learns to mix her more expensive pieces with the less expensive.  Now I have to make a disclosure statement, my friend dresses more conservatively because of her age.  I think her opinion is base more in a generational sense than a fashion one.  She told me that she could dress better than me any day for any occasion which gives that stereotype of women dress for other women more credence.  I was not aware there was a contest of dresses better than who and we sometimes paid too much attention to the best dress and worst dress lists.  My friend goes on about how she knows fashion, but what does that fashion reflect her personality or is she just wearing clothes because they are fashionable.  There is something about dressing appropriately while have your personality reflect in your personal style.  Whenever I see the First Lady, vibrant immediately comes to mind.  I also see her confidence reflected into her style and knowing that she is also a mother.  I do not always do what is trendy and my grandmother use to tell me just because they make something in your size does not mean that you are suppose to where it.  We should wear looks good for our body type and reflect our personality and that is a learn that the First Lady has taught us.



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