Can One Have too Much Enough Denim

Yesterday on my way home from work, I decided to make a stop at Paron Fabric on 40th Street in New York City to purchase the March issue of Burda but the store has received it yet.  However, I will call the store before making the trip (it really was not that far out of my way).  Of course, I had to check out the fabric because who walks into a store and does not check out the merchandise.  I immediately went the 50% off section (a girl has to watch her dollars it is a recession after all), and found some nice buys.  I was looking for some cotton fabric, but the print did not excite me.  What I did find is bemberg fabric for $3.00 a yard, and medium/heavyweight denim or $4.00 a yard, and so I purchased three yards and four yards respectively.  I do have some more denim fabric stashed away to make a pair of trousers once I stop procrastinating and just sew them.  However, I have this line of thinking that it’s a good thing to have a nice stash of denim to make trousers, jackets, dresses, and skirts, after all denim a mainstay in our wardrobe.



yy163_116x116_thumb1  rr866_250x250_thumb  xx722_116x116_thumb  ww009_116x116_thumb

I am still waiting for my pattern from Simplicity to arrive.  It’s Simplicity 2703 and posted the Butterick pattern because I am not able to save the simplicity as a picture to post.  You get the idea from Dress C, the Michelle Obama dress that she wore on the View.  I found these fabric samples from  The dress does not have necessarily have to be the black and white print, and I do like the blue and white print (although the may print may be a little large).  Besides blue is my favorite color.  I also plan to make a solid dress and use contrasting color ribbon.  I like making different versions of the same dress pattern, and think the purpose of the pattern is for you to use as a guide to create anything you imagine.  I am going to need sew a dress to wear to my niece’s graduation, so it is my hope to move into my new apartment and finally get situated to do this sewing.


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