Everyone Needs a Little Glamour


I was reading blog entry from Knitters Delight (http://knitters-delight.blogspot.com) the other day and noticed that she uploaded a sweater from Stephanie Japel’s book Glam Knits.  Now I am either getting older or just have too many things on mind, but I purchased the book back in December and neglected to do a review of the book.  Well I suppose it’s better late than never to write a mini-review about the book.

The photography is wonderful and really captures of the essence of glam with each design.  I like that most of the patterns can be knitted with woman who has a D cup and not so thin gal in mind.  The book just reminds of use that knitting can be glamourous as well.  One of my favorite knits is the cover of the dress/tunic.  I am thinking great it would look with a pair of wide-leg trousers (perhaps winter white).  There is also a pattern of jacket that screams femme fatale and would be good to have for the fall.  I like the patterns and think they would be fun projects to knit.

I received an email asking about the fabric I posted on my blog entry from Friday, and thought it would be a good idea to post the web addresses in case you may be interested in purchasing the fabrics for yourself.  Adrienne, if you are reading this entry I forgot one address, but posting it here now.  Here are the addresses:







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