Decisions, Decisions

After my blog about finding simplicity in patterns to create a piece that is unique and your own, I purchased a few of those patterns like this one.  I wanted to do the long version of the summer dress and found some possible fabrics to make it.  I have decided which fabric to use and order on-line.  I can be a little indecisive and nix the fabric and journey over to the fabric district in New York City found something even more inspiration.  Actually like the short version dress as well, but haven’t envision I would like it yet.  This is one of the reasons why people sew, create pieces that other people are not wearing.


  bat2396                         cha561 

809251fd                  rr082_250x250_thumb       


I like all of these fabrics, but probably will have a hard time in choosing which one to do the long version.  However, it may pick two as I do want to do the dress in the short version.  I just think long version is a good weekend summer dress to go parties, dinner and movies.  Sometimes you want to wear just more than jeans to the movies, but still be comfortable and stylish.

Now if I am going to make a dress, I should think about knitting a cardigan for the summer just in case of some cool nights.  Who I am kidding, I just want to knit a cardigan for the summer because I love wearing them and cardigans should not be restricted to fall and winter.  I received my Interweave Knits Spring issue a week ago, and fall in love with this cardigan on the cover of the magazine, and one of the favorite parts about this cardigan is the top down construction.  It’s not that I have a problem with sewing seams, but if I do not have and it gives me a great little piece then why not.  I am going find a substitute yarn and thinking about using Lion brand’s new LB collection.  The other cardigan is a wrap around and it has an interesting pattern of bubbles on the sleeves and at the bottom.

diminishing-rib-cardigan-2   diminishing-rib-cardigan-3  diminishing-rib-cardigan-4


I know get quite a few hits on my blogs, but was wondering if I could get a second opinion about fabric for my dresses.  Which fabric inspires you the most and why?  I like hearing other views because it’s interesting to do so, and one can learn from listening or reading from others.


2 responses

  1. I agree with Adrienne, the bright colored fabric is my favorite. That would make a nice “sassy” short version. I think the white and blue would work great for the longer-style.

    Both of those cardigans is on my list for a great wardrobe addition, too.

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