A Case for Keeping it Simple

I read Elaray’s (anothercreation.blogspot.com) blog the other day with the new Burda patterns from its March 2009 issue.  Although, these patterns are for evening wear, I love the simplicity of the pieces.  Simplicity gives you a blank canvas to create anything you want.  The patterns can be for evening wear, formal daywear, or an opportunity to create something very unique.  You can find textured fabric, or just find plain fabric and some beading to create a border at the bottom of the dress.  You can make the dress a little shorter or make it gown length.  If you are a knitter, then you can knit a cardigan sweater to wear with the dress.  There is so much you can do to make these pieces your own.  I thinking about making an obi belt for the dress to add interest if I am going to use a solid color fabric.  Purple is coming to mind.



I found more patterns that are simple, but can open one’s imagination to create something and unique to add to your wardrobe.   Simplicity has a new pattern under it’s Threads Collection, but I am unable to copy or save as a picture to post it.  The pattern number is Simplicity 2703 in case anyone is interested in looking at on their website. 

b5311b5307 b53101b5306b53351

I like these patterns because you can create a great looking wardrobe and not break yourself financially doing it.  I am thinking about having a pair of denim trousers and some dresses for spring and summer.  I purchased blue cotton fabric for the S2703 pattern the other day to make a dress like the one Michelle Obama wore on the View last summer.  I did not find any black and white fabric that I liked and decided that a solid color dress will work with contrast ribbon.  I like having a long summer dress like the Butterick B5307 pattern, and would like to have an opporunity to work with fabric paint to create my own print.  What ideas do you come up with when sewing clothes?

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