Turtleneck Poncho: Who Knew?

I noticed from the stats that a lot of people read my two posts on the turtleneck poncho a knitted over 18 months ago.  Who knew that it would be so popular.  I did not mentioned where I got the pattern to knit the project, and do not know why because it is something I usually do.  There is a pattern for the poncho on Moda Dea’s website: www.modadea.com/pdf_files/LM0127.pdf, and it will give the recommended yarn to knit it.  However, I used a different yarn for the project because it was what I had on hand at the time, and Moda discontinued the yarn yet still has it as the recommended yarn, go figure.  You probably could use Lion Brand’s new LB organic yarn or any yarn that will give that gauge you need to knit.  I want to thank everyone who were so interested in this project, and hope you have an opportunity to knit it.  It is my hope to post more of my finished projects onto my blog as I do have perhaps three knitting projects to complete, and some sewing projects to start.  I should do a post on procrastination, but maybe at another time, lol.


2 responses

  1. I have searched your link for moda dea poncho which brings me to charter but I still can’t link to the poncho pattern. Please advise exactly how you found tis pattern, it is exactly the pattern I’ve been looking for.

    thank you

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