Fabric Store and Other Things

 A couple of weeks ago, I arrived home from look and found the Spring/Summer issue of Burda Plus in my mailbox.  There are a few things I would like to make from the issue.  Yesterday, I went to Paron Fabrics in New York City and purchased some lightweight beige demin which I think will be nice for this skirt. 


I brought a lightweight wool fabric to make these wide-leg pants to wear in at least two seasons.  I like have some pieces of wardrobe that you can wear all season.  I probably will purchase twill fabric to make another pair, but have decided on a color.  These pants would like great in a nice dark denim.  There are quite a few possibilities for this pattern.


Yesterday, I made another trip to a fabric store which is a five minute walk from my job and purchased fabric to make the asymmetrical fold skirt from Interweave Stitch Magazine.  I decided to use one of Amy Bulter’s print for the contrasting fabric, and a moss green for the main color.  I also purchased more fabric to make another skirt in a lighter green, one could enough asymmetrical skirts and for under $25.00 each.


I’ve been debating on making these pants from Burda Plus Spring/Summer 09 issue.  They look comfortable and fairly easy to make, but wondering  if I should go with a smaller print.  Perhaps a black and white print  like in the Michelle Obama dress she wore on the view with a solid black strip at the bottom of the pants, and there is also the dress which Simplicity 2703 which for some reason I am unable to copy the photo.  I do want to make a print dress, but thought about doing a solid color with a contrasting ribbon.  I like the moss green fabric so much that I was thinking about making the Simplicity dress with perhaps orange ribbon which my cousin posted a comment on facebook to say yuck (she wore a green suit to an interview to symbolize success), or robin egg blue ribbon.  I am still mulling over that one in my mind. 


On another note, my niece has been accepted to Seton Hall University a couple of weeks ago.  The school is located in New Jersey, where we live, but she will stay on campus.  She wanted to attend Spelman College, but her parents did not want her to go so far.  She has chosen to major in biology and wants to become a pediatrician.  She is looking at going to John Hopkins for medical school after college, she has goals, and I am proud of her.


2 responses

  1. Congratulations to your niece! 🙂

    I’m glad to see that you are sewing again. In fact, I’m jealous 😉 because I don’t have time to do much sewing right now. I’ll have fun watching your progress with the skirts and pants that you’ve chosen to sew, though. Happy Sewing! 😀

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