Inauguration Day

I wanted to write a post about Inauguration Day after witnessing the swearing in of President-Elect Barack Obama.  Technically, he became Barack Obama at noon, but it’s nice to see the ceremony.  There are no words that I could possibly write that would describe my elation of this historic day and only wish that my mother and grandmother were alive to witness the event.  I do not believe that they could even imagine that a black person could ever be elected and sworned in the nation’s highest office.  Dr. King and Robert Kennedy believed that this day would come, and their belief came into fuition and part of our reality.

One could consider this moment as a beginning of what individuals can achieve in this country if we giving a fair chance.  We are believe in our talents, work hard, and take advantage opportunities that are given to us.  We should being in a sense of community and helping one another in time of need.  This is not to say that we do not have a long road ahead of us, and it will take us some time to remake this country and reinvent ourselves.

Can you imagine of what you can achieve?

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