Changing Habits

I have been not sleeping well for the past month.  I had an sinus infection that even caused tooth pain, and the following week came down with laryngitis that caused me not to speak for a few days.  I realized that not sleeping properly is contributing to the problem.  I only get five to six hours of sleep that is probably not good for my health, and probably could sleep longer if some outside influences did not interrupt my patterns.  Living on a busy street does not help me with getting the rest I need.  I heard a horn blowing at 4 a.m this morning, and it’s annoying.

I tried some natural remedies to help me such as taking melatonin, but that doesn’t work because it takes me up to an half-hour before I actually fall asleep and it doesn’t help me sleep through the night.  I think I am going to have try some other methods to get to sleep quicker and probably will mean not watching TV because it does keep me up longer.  Go to bed at the same time every night, I have a goal of going to bed at 10, but do not fall asleep until close to 11 p.m and waking up before my alarm clock 5 a.m.  I think working out during the day may help me sleep better at night, so I am going to take a yoga class to see if helps.

Getting to sleep earlier also means that not knitting, crocheting, or other hobbies.  I do find them meditative, but they can be also engrossing and enthralling that I will lose track of time.  I would be relaxed, but still going to bed late, lol.


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