The Weekend and Snow

We are expecting some snow in the New Jersey/New York area which means I need to get to market upon leaving work this evening.  I am going to pick up enough food to make a few meals and lunch for next week, and hope there is milk and bread at the store as it they are the first things to go.

I have been in the process of going to bed earlier at night.  I am working going to bed at 10pm than at my usual time of 11p, and have been struggling to stay asleep.  I did wake up for a moment last night, but quickly returned to sleep.  I am normally set my alarm for 5 am, but thinking of changing my wake up time as well to 5:45am.  Actually, I could wake up at six, but I do spend some time lying down before getting out of bed to get use to the idea that I am awake.  I have been really articles about sleep and weight gain, and how some women over 40 have a difficult with insomnia a few times a week, and possibly associated with hormonal changes.  However, it’s important to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep as it does restore your body, mind, and soul.

I will be spending some time this weekend with purging things I no longer need or use.  It is sometimes incredibly difficult to throw things that I have for so long, but realize that it is time to let it go and free yourself of the past.  I probably will get an opportunity do some knitting as well.

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