A New Year

Happy New Year everyone!  It’s been a while since I last made an blog entry.  My computer is down and probably need a new power supply, so off to the Apple store to get a replacement.  However, I did want to start writing entries on my blog again as I do miss the activity.

I am still working on a few knitting projects such as my cardigan sweater knitted from the top down, and it’s my hope to finish the sweater in the next few weeks.  It’s possible that I am moving to a new apartment in February and that means purging and packing.  Of course, the process of moving does retard my knitting and any other projects for the next month.

It’s my intention with the new year to make some changes and learn new things.  Of course, I am going to learn some new techniques in crocheting, knitting, and sewing.  A couple of people have asked me to knit a hat or a dog sweater which could mean making some money from my hobby.  With the new year also means some new projects I am thinking of doing.  Interweave Crochet just published it’s Winter 2009 issue with some really great things to crochet. 


This is on the cover of the magazine, and thought it’s a great sweater to crochet, and a good beginner project.  It’s crochet one piece, even the bow.  Some people have complained about the bow, but I like it and the instructions mention that you do not have make the bow as a long.  It’s a flexible pattern.


I am typically not into ruffles, but I like this pattern and it’s another easy project to crochet.

Since, I am moving to a new place, I will probably be working on some home projects and like to have some floor pillows and found this pattern in Crochet Today from the October 2008 Fall issue.


I do not know about doing the pillow in purple, but brown and green could work for me.  I have to find a sewing projects for curtains.  I might be in the mood to knit or crochet a rug for the bathroom and bedroom.



Knitty uploaded its Winter issue online a few weeks ago, and there are some very things to knit.  I love this bobble sweater with a wrap.  It’s my goal to try new knitting stitches and what’s more fun than this project.  The instructions are free on www.knitty.com.

I did purchase a couple of pattern books over the holidays.  Stephanie Japel’s Glam Knits which has some great patterns, and Sew it Seams by Ann Marie Horner which has some great home sewing projects.  I  purchased a crochet book called Uncommon Crochet by Julie Armstrong Holetz which is a great book and even have projects using  jute and hemp twine, and a crochet leather basket.  Another knitting book that has been out for a while called Alt Fiberby Shannon Okey which has projects knitting green with bamboo, hemp, soy, and other organic fibers.

I managed to purchase a couple of magazines as well such as Sew Hip, an English publication, and Interweave’s special magazine call Stitch and it’s another good magazine for sewers.

My ultimate goal to do in 2009 is a sweater from a Mission Falls pattern book I brought over the holidays is the Natalia sweater.  I love this sweater as you can knit it from the top down, no seams hooray!  I hope I get these projects done including a few knitted lace scarves.  Wish me luck!



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