Book Review – Custom Knits


I purchased the book Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard a few weeks ago.  I started reading her blog ever since Adrienne interviewed Wendy in a podcast several months ago or late last year.  I do like her blog entries and it was a delighted to purchcase the book.

I think the books conveys to a lot of knitters that detest sewing seams, and Wendy has created pieces that a knitter can knit from the top down to avoid sewing seams (thank goodness).  The book is a godsend as I am relatively new to knitting and glad to see someone creating knitting patterns in one piece.  I definitely will be knitting a few of the projects in the books like the cape.  Wendy makes suggestions of how you can make the project yours (becoming your own knitwear designer) to make the project unique for you.  Most of the yarns Wendy recommends is affordable and readily available to purchase online.

Wendy also suggest making your own body double to make sure that your measurements are accurate, so you do not knit a sweater that does not properly fit.  I recommend anyone interested in knitting from the top down seamless cardigans and sweaters, and the possibilities of creating your custom knits are almost endless.


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