New Crochet Patterns

There are times when I go between knitting and crocheting.  I may knit a project and turn around a crochet a hat.  I am reader of not only Interweave Knit Magazine, but Interweave Crochet Magazine as well.  I think the magazine has great crochet patterns and may do a couple of the projects in the new fall issue.

I think some of these projects are great, and probably will do a couple of them like the muffler and hat.  I haven’t tried felting for knitting yet, but the crochet scarf would make a great felting project.  I will eventualy get to felting somehing, lol. 

I was having a slight problem with my knitting mitts projects, and realize today that I missed reading one word.  Skipping a word can get you into trouble as it will change the meaning, but finally figured out without visiting the yarn shop.  Well I am going to visit the shop again because the project leaves with one extra skein, so I might as well purchase another skein and knit another pair for a Christmas gift.  Nothing goes to waste when it comes to crafting.


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