In Every Direction

I was working on my mits this weekend, and ran into a problem.  I thought I was following the directions, but confused about the thumb gusset which means a visit to the yarn store and ask for some help.  Which means stop working on that project for the time being, and practice on some new stitches.

In the new Debbie Bliss Magazine, there is a patter for a lace scarf.  I have not done a lace pattern yet, and that project is a good introduction to knit lace.  However, I did have to get use to the English version vs. the American version of the knit glossary.  It did throw me off a bit, but managed to figure it out.

There are times when I suffer from ADD of knitting or any other project where I run into a snag, but it’s better for me to do something easier and go back to my more challenging work.  I started the process of compling a list of things to knit or crochet:

There are few projects other than the scarf from Debbie Bliss I want to knit.  I want to knit the knitting bag and knitting needle holder.  This might sound a little silly, but I would like knit a tea cozy.  I saw a couple of cute cozy from Knit Simple and Debbie Bliss.  I am not the kind of person who wanted to knit anything like a tea cozy or mug covers.

I mentioned the new Rowan Cocoon yarn, but here is a photograph of the sweater knitted exclusively for the NY Point Cafe.  The person at thet store told me that you do not need cable needles to create the pattern, but I think it’s a beautiful sweater and it goes on my what to knit list.  You can make a sleeveless version of the sweater as well.  Unfortunately, the yarn shop does not have online shopping, but as I said before for those who live in the NYC area could stop by and see if this something you would like to knit.

sept yom

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