Project Progress – Cardigan Sweater


Sweater Cardigan

Sweater Cardigan

Image of Extra Easy, Extra Fabulous Sweater


I finally began sweater cardigan a couple of day ago.  My original intention was crochet the sweater from the September/October issue of Crochet Today designed by Candi Jensen, but the store did not any Red Heart yarn or any similar yarns I could have substituted.  However, my trip to the store was not unfruitful, I decided to knit the sweater from Lion Brand.  I started on Thursday and progressed to knitting the back, sleeves, to the front of the sweater.  The sweater is knitted into one piece which only requires seaming the sides of the sweater once completed.  There is no increasing or decreasing of stitches and a great project for beginners or when someone does not want to knit four different pieces to only do a lot of sewing of seams.  It’s an easy sweater to knit.




Of course, I had a mishap.  I needed to knit a few inches to the sleeve that it measured 18 inches before I could continue to knit additional rows.  It’s my goal to complete my sweater by the end of next week.  I still have began my tote bag because I thinking about adding handles than webbing.  It would be more stylish, but need to find the right handles.  I am being picky again.

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