Being in the Moment With a Craft?

During my routine commute to work, I had the chance to read an editorial from Craft Magazine’s Spring issue. The editor discussed how working on a project whether it’s building a tree house, crocheting or knitting a scarf, or sewing a skirt can put one in the place of being in the moment.  I found that when I am working on a project or even reading allows me of not necessarily being lost or entrenched in what I am doing, but giving me an opportunity to concentrate on that one thing.  Working on a project does allows me to keep my mind quiet.  Who needs transcendental meditation when you can be in the moment with your fabric, yarn, or decoupage?

I never believed that hobbies are silly, but serves a larger purpose to the individual engaged in the activity. I get great satisfaction in finishing a knitted ribbed scarf.  The pattern is basically simple and doesn’t take rocket science, but it gives me a chance to quiet my mind.  There are lot things rattling around in my brain, and I need an activity to give me perspective that life isn’t so bad if I can create something that gives me joy in doing, and joy to the person receiving that gift I made.  I do not get my wrong as I do spend time unraveling or using that seam ripper whenever I make a mistake, but it’s also a learning process for as well. I learn more about myself that my grandmother was right that I do have the patience of Job because it does take patience when working on a project.

I think working a craft brings out a person’s artistic and creative side that he or she did not believe existed. Initially, I did not believe that I could ever knit or sew anything.  I didn’t start crocheting and knitting up until three years ago, and decided to learn how to sew a year ago.  However, once I decided to learn and found out that it is alright to make some mistakes is when I gained the confidence that finally said to myself that I can do this.  Once the idea being the perfectionist began to disappear is when you can find that you do it.


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