Counting Down The Days

I am counting down the days until my two-week vacation.  Yes I did have a vacation a few weeks ago, but it was only a week.  However, there is nothing like taking off couple weeks and a only a week does not do anything for me.  I do not have any money to go away anyway, but a stayacation is just as good.  Of course, I have do a major purging of my old magazines.  I have at least six subscriptions and it’s time to let them after reading.  Of course, some dusting and housekeeping chores, but now I have the time to get some knitting and sewing done.  During the summer months, I tend to read novels and it’s time for me begin reading Octavia Bulter’s books.  I typically do not read science fiction, but she was really good writer and it’s important to write a good story no matter the genre.

During my stayacation, I want to go into New York City and visit the museum.  I have not been in a couple of years and it’s a great time to see some exhibits.  While in the city, I will visit the garment district to pick up some fabrics, buttons, and ribbons for a couple of totebag projects.  I also want to start my cardigan sweater project using the pattern from Lionbrand and means purchasing some yarn as well.  No wonder I do not have the money to go away, I spend it on projects


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