Can One Have Too Many Hobbies?

I just read Adrienne’s blog a little while ago about her latest obsession beading.  Now I have a few hobbies of my own as you may know and probably will pick up a few more as I become proficient in crocheting, knitting, and sewing.  I have been entertaining the idea of candle and soap making, and creating body butters.  Another hobby I am interesting in is card-making.  These ideas has been rattling in my mind for more than year.  Thinking about doing something is a long process for me, and I tend to concentrate on the project I am working on at the time.

While I was writing a comment on Adrienne’s blog, I asked me myself can one have too many hobbies and the short answer to that is no.  However, there are some things I could give up in order to spend time with my hobbies.  I do not have to watch TV, and really spend time for hobbies.  With some organization and prioritizing, I could have time to crochet, knit, sew, make cards, soap and body butters.  Crocheting and knitting are easy as that craft is portable, but making body butters, cards, and soap requires place to create such as a kitchen and office.  

I think have hobbies to quiet my mind because it incessantly turns like a wheel.  Crocheting and knitting become my form of mediation as well as sewing.  There is nothing wrong with hobbies with the exception that one is not working on the hobby and your home ends up looking those homes on Clean House. Hobbies are useful because you have finished project that you can use at the end.  For me, hobbies are more about the process as I figure out a way to do something differently (I do not always follow the directions unless it’s related to chemistry as I do not want to blow anything up, including me).  Sometimes are greatest projects come from us making a mistake.  Having hobbies gives me joy and satisfaction in my sometimes imbalanced life.  Who is proud of being a serial hobbyist?


3 responses

  1. Hello, I’m all about creating things. I’m a writer and graphics designer, but I’ve done lots of other creative things throughout my life, and I guess I get it from my very creative family. Dad’s an artist and funny man, Mom’s a quilter, craftwoman, sisters and brothers are all creative (singers, artists, designers, etc.). You can never have enough creative outlets. Not spending my days doing creative things would just mean the end of days had come. Nice site!


  2. A little off-topic here, but I just wanted to say NICE BLOG. I found you by way of field-negro’s blog and I’ve been going thru your past posts with the biggest smile on my face. Well done! **And my 8yr old daughter has given you several cool points as well.

    Ooohh Adrienne… soap making …. Now I’ve gotta add that to our list of things to do … hahaha…

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