What a Hot Day

It has been brutally hot for the past several days.  Today is the mildest of them all, and it was a good thing because I needed to walk to Lens Crafters to replace the pair of glasses that were mangled by the Path train a couple of weeks ago.  The realization of making that yearly visit to the eye doctor is that he or she reminds you that you are getting older.  Yes the doctor mentioned that I am probably going to need reading glasses in addition to my distant pair.  Then there is the dangerous UV rays that can damage your eyes as well, so purchasing a hat and a pair of prescription sunglasses, but the sunglasses will have to wait a while. Fortunately, Lens Crafters had a sale on free or discounted lenses purchasing frames for $169.95 or higher and decided to two pair of glasses, distance and reading.  I do not if anyone can understand how expensive buying glasses can be, but it does not help when the frames are more than $350.00 which I refuse to pay as I do not need Dolce and Gabbana frames, and the lenses can run more than $350.00 depending on the prescription.

I picked the new fall issue of Knit Simple with some very nice projects.  There are a couple of tea cozy patterns that would make nice gifts.  There are also some nice sweater patterns for women at any size. There is scarf pattern that is quick and easy to make, it’s very stylish with three buttons to fit around your neck on those chilly fall days.  Another project are a few knitted bags to knit with purse handles.  I did a search and came across a website called http://www.joggles.com that carry a variety of products from fabric, mixed media, purse handles and other things.  It’s ironic with the hot weather that I am thinking about fall and making things to stay warm.  However, I think I am getting back into the groove of creating and making things.


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  1. Sorry about the price of the glasses. I have taken to getting them from charity shops now as they often get lost property handed in and I have found Armani glasses there before! I do not have to worry about driving glasses as some do but am nervous about losing mine as its an expensive process.That magazine sounds great and we are having the opposite weather to you…it actually snowed here in Sydney last week.

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